Peace of Mind, LTC  also offers PRIVATE GROUP of 4 or more, INDIVIDUAL , and LADIES ONLY classes. If a class is not seen on the calendar please make a  REQUEST in the NOTE section of the REGISTRATION PAGE.   

Training Women - Female Instructor who specializes in teaching women

Women shooters and LTC holders have steadily become the fastest growing demographic for both pistol training and License to Carry Handgun classes.

Why is that? Many variables may factor into this equation. There are increasing numbers of successful, independent women with demanding schedules that need to be able to protect themselves and their family all hours of the day and night.  

More women live alone, or they are single parents who become targets of stalkers, victims of date rape, assault during home invasion, during social or even during work related events. Any of the above mentioned crimes can and will leave physical and emotional scars of insecurity and vulnerability.  

Women actually have the ability to be extremely accurate shooters in a short amount of time. Most women have a strong ability to multitask; they are able to concentrate on instruction, apply new learned techniques and ask questions all at the same time.  

My GOAL is to empower all of my clients (both men and women) with strength, confidence, the knowledge of personal safety, self- protection and many times… a newly found skill of shooting a firearm.

I want to make a powerful point to women from a woman:  


I welcome the opportunity to teach anyone who might be complete beginners, apprehensive about learning or have prior negative experiences with guns but want to work through the issues and dissolve the negative feelings towards guns. Let me be the person to help.