​I am excited to be able to teach and answer questions in the firearms classes, meet new gun enthusiast and most importantly, HELP SURVIVORS OF A CRIME get their POWER BACK!!

Peace of mind is not allowing others to control your power. 

My goal is to empower all of my clients (both men and women) with strength, confidence, the knowledge of personal safety, self- protection and many times… a newly found skill of shooting a firearm.

Kami Krause

***NRA Certifications:

  • Pistol Instructor
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Refuse To Be A Victim

Peace of Mind, LTC  

**Texas DPS Certified License to Carry Instructor

Advanced Defensive Handgun Tactics


EMAIL: kami@peaceofmindltc.com     PHONE: (346) 333 - 7998

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Guns do not have to be intimidating IF the shooter is armed with the knowledge of how to handle and store a gun safely, how it operates and what is physically required to shoot a firearm.

Important to understand: More often than not, the playing field can be leveled when facing a deadly threat by being prepared with a couple of suggestions:

Have a game plan for certain emergency scenarios!

​TRAIN like you mean it! PRACTICE often! 

KNOW your gun!!

Know how to shoot a handgun proficiently not only for the LTC test but also:

          wearing it concealed

      carrying in a purse/pocket or briefcase

      in the car

      at home

Your life and/or your family may depend on it!!!