Please REGISTER to reserve your seat - limited class availability with Handgun 201 and 301

​​​Handgun 201 (intermediate)

Course Cost $60 + 10 range fee

special course cost pricing of $50 if you are a returning client

(Recommend Basic Handgun 101 before attending 201)

201 is an intermediate handgun class that builds on basic fundamental knowledge. It is also structured for those who already know how to load, fire, and clear their handgun. It is intended to focus on fine- tuning SAFE HANDLING & shooting skills throughout the complete shooting platform: foot position, stance, arm position, grip, eye dominance, sight picture, breathing control, trigger control and follow through.  
You will learn:

how to clear stoppages

work through specific common malfunctions

fine tune shot groupings

Learn difference between Point-of-Aim and Point-of-Impact

develop grip for either hand (supported and unsupported)

safely practice drawing from holster

Will need at least 200 rounds total for range  
Includes practice for LTC proficiency test (9 ft, 21 ft, and 45 ft)
***Helps ensure you to pass the state mandated LTC proficiency test​
Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian and must attend Basic Handgun 101 before attending Handgun 201.​​

HANDGUN 301 (advanced level defense training) 

special course cost of $50 if you are a returning client within the same year of taking the Handgun 201
Course cost: $60.00 + $10 range fee
Length: 2 1/2 hours​ 
MUST attend Handgun 201 prior to 301